Top 5 People That You Must Follow If You Want To Learn Local SEO

Filipino SEOThree years ago I was totally unaware about Local SEO, how to optimize Google+Local Page and how to rank businesses in local results. Then I met Adam Steele owner of Nightlite Media who is my first Local SEO Guru and started to teach me something about Local SEO. He also fed me some articles to help me improve but I still searched the internet to study more about it.

I found so many blogs, articles, website and e-books where you can learn Local SEO. Many individuals claimed that they are Internet Marketing expert and offers e-books to learn about Local SEO. I have tried to read some e-book but I learned nothing and still left me with so many questions in my mind regarding Local SEO.

I am thinking on how I will learn more about Local SEO, who is to follow and what article to read. I am thinking about it day and night till I realized one day that I need to identify those individuals recognized and recommends by those well known website like Google, SEOmoz, Search Engine Land and etc. This is the reason why I wrote this article, I want to help those people who want to enter this space. The below individuals are well-known in Local SEO industry and followed by other Local SEO’s.

  1. David Mihm – A famous man in Local SEO world, David is the author of Local Search Ranking Factors where he gathers the best in the SEO industry. He conducts a survey and asked these several people about the local search ranking factors. He is a faculty member of Local University, co-founder of and a former contributor in Search Engine Land. Today he’s been acquired by
  2. Mike Blumenthal – They call him Professor Maps. He is one of the faculty members in Local University like David Mihm. They conduct seminars regarding Local SEO and part of the earnings on ticket sales are donated to the charities on the city that they visit. His blog is must read for those who want to learn more about Local SEO.
  3. Darren Shaw – Owner of Whitespark and the famous Whitespark Local Citation Finder. Now he launched Rank Tracker Tools that helps local businesses. He also offers Local SEO services and SEO services. I am using his tools and it is very helpful especially on my citation building works.
  4. Nyagoslav Zhekov – Owner of NGS Marketing and a contributor to Local Search Ranking factors. He’s Guide to Citation Building is a must read to those Local SEO’s.
  5. Adam Steele – (you can say I am bias but I will strongly recommend my buddy on this list.) He is the owner of Nightlite Media, Creature Local and now the Lean Marketing.  He already helped tons of businesses and agencies and he never stop creating new strategies.

There are many Local SEO experts that are not included in this list like Andrew Shotland, Linda Buquet, Phil Rozek, Matthew Hunt, Mike Ramsey and many more. If you want to learn more about Local SEO I strongly recommend following these peoples and subscribes on their blog.






Filipino SEO About John Vincent Aquino

Filipino Internet Marketer, SEO, Local SEO, Link Builder and Virtual Assistant. He started his online campaign last Dec 2011 at Odesk and already lend his hands to hundreds of businesses in the US, Canada, Australia and UK. Follow him on twitter @jvinceaquino


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